Publication Abstract

Proceeding of the 2018 DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement, Rome, Italy, (DFI, EFFC)

Study on the Resistance of Bored Piles with Rings
Leonardo B. D. Brandão, Ana B. A. N. Dias and Juliane A. F. Marques

Dry bored piles with rings were developed to increase the capacity of regular dry bored piles, reduce settlements and generate savings. The objective of this paper is to study the load-bearing capacity of this type of foundation by comparing the results of semi-empirical methods to stress-settlement methods applied to field, loading test results. The capacity values presented in this paper were obtained from the semiempirical methods of Aoki-Velloso (1975) and Décourt-Quaresma (1978). The method of Van der Veen (1953) and Décourt (1996) were the methods based on the extrapolation of the “load-movement” curve used in the analysis. The comparisons indicate that bored piles with rings provide a viable, economicallyattractive, deep-foundation alternative for use in the Maceio-AL region of Brazil.

 article #2968; publication #1040 (ROME-2018)