Publication Abstract

Proceeding of the 2018 DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement, Rome, Italy, (DFI, EFFC)

Brunnholen Bridge: Norway - Design and Supervision of Foundation Works
Arne Schram Simonsen and Vetle Kolberg Stene

The Brunnholen Highway Bridge in Norway is a geotechnically-challenging project. Complicating factors include 914 mm drilled steel pipes, large lengths to solid rock and difficult soil conditions. Steel pipe piles are drilled with a full face symmetric drilling system with reversed circulation. The piles are drilled through layers of fill, sand and gravel, stiff clay, stiff moraine, soft rock and at least 1.5 m into solid rock. The pile design is based on Eurocode 7 with use of soil-structure interaction calculations with soil springs as defined by API.

 article #2995; publication #1040 (ROME-2018)