Publication Abstract

International Workshop on Micropiles 1997, Seattle, WA, (DFI)

Damages to Bridge Foundaitons During the Hanshin Earthquake
Michio Okahara, Jiro Fukui, Yoshitomi Kimura

A bore hole television system was used to survey damage to the foundation of road bridges caused by the Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake. The foundation bodies of some bridges were cracked, but no foundation subsidence, steel reinforcement rupture, nor cover concrete separation damage occurred. But residual displacement was found in some pile foundations near the shoreline where liquefaction caused ground flow. Loading tests were performed on piles which cracked, the results were analyzed, and the analytical results confirmed that the damage to the pile bodies had only a slight effect on the horizontal strength of the foundations.

 article #300; publication #30 (IWM-1997)