Publication Abstract

Proceeding of the 2018 DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement, Rome, Italy, (DFI, EFFC)

Damaging of the St. Benedetto Tunnel after the Quake of October 30, 2017: Study and Repair
Alessandro Micheli, Luca Cedrone, Geotechnical Engineer and Maurizio Martino

The earthquake occurred on 30 October 2016 in Central Italy (magnitude Mw 6.5 with epicenter between Norcia and Preci), damaged road platform and main engineering structures on different sections of the State Road S.S. 685 "delle Tre Valli Umbre". Damages have led to the closure of the whole S.S. for practicability and safety problems. Particularly, for the St. Benedetto Pass Tunnel, the main damages have occurred at the concrete lining and at the road platform, at about 920 m from Norcia side entrance. Technical inspections of damage have been made and all the activities necessary to obtain information regarding the characteristics of the tunnel, the state after the earthquake and the characteristics of the materials, have been promptly started. The seismic swarm that struck the Central Apennine in the period August to October 2016, has led to a decimetric breakthrough of a huge crustal volume in the area. Breakthrough has involved the mobilization of preexisting faults and new breaks (cosismic). Maybe one of these faults, on the morning of October 30, intercepted, dislodging it, the St. Benedetto tunnel. With the information acquired, the final designs for the repair of the tunnel have been drawn up and work is still ongoing.

 article #3028; publication #1040 (ROME-2018)