Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2018, Anaheim, CA, USA, (DFI)

Advances in Stress-Wave Nondestructive Testing Methods for Evaluation of Deep Foundations
Alireza Kordjazi, Joseph T. Coe and Siavash Mahvelati

This paper introduces recent advances in stress-wave NDT systems for use in assessments of in-service foundation integrity and drilled shaft construction. The primary results of the laboratory experiments are very promising, as the acquired image was capable of differentiating changes in pile cross section as low as 0.3 cm. The preliminary results with the same hardware components on a relatively large scale cemented sand model were also promising. A brief overview is provided of both systems including hardware, survey methods, and data processing techniques, followed by a discussion on application of the results to QA/QC of deep foundations.

 article #3078; publication #1045 (AM-2018)