Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2018, Anaheim, CA, USA, (DFI)

The Deep Soil Mixing for the Galataport Project in Istanbul, Turkey
Marco Chiarabelli, Federico Pagliacci and Salvatore Miranda

The paper describes the adopted technologies and performance controls related to a special geotechnical engineering solution provided within the scope of the Galataport Project, in Istanbul, Turkey. The scheme is the one applied to the new quay of Salipazari, which is a combination of retaining structure and ground improvement, formed by a combi-wall, a reinforced concrete diaphragm wall and a soil improvement by deep soil mixing (Turbojet). The paper highlights the importance of employing cutting-edge technologies within the foundation engineering field and state-of-the-art electronic control devices, in parallel with the essential human expertise, in order to obtain the desired results in this high profile Project. The results of the in-situ and laboratory tests carried out on the improved soil are also presented.

 article #3097; publication #1045 (AM-2018)