Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2018, Anaheim, CA, USA, (DFI)

Ensuring Performance of Tip Post-Grouted Bored Piles (Drilled Shafts) through a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program
Antonio Marinucci, Ph.D., MBA, P.E., Silas C. Nichols, P.E., Mary Ellen Bruce Large, P.E. and D.GE

Tip post-grouting of bored pile (drilled shaft) foundations refers to a method where cementitious grout is injected beneath the tip of a shaft to improve the overall performance of the constructed foundation. This technique, when performed satisfactorily and in the appropriate ground conditions, enhances axial load-displacement performance by improving the mobilization of pile's resistance. Potential benefits associated with tip post-grouting include reduced settlement under loading, better alignment of load transfer curves, and improved ground beneath the base of the bored pile. However, to be able to realize the benefits attributed to this method, the design, construction, of both the bored pile and the post-grouting system must meet a minimum level for quality assurance. The various factors affecting the successful installation and performance of a bored pile (e.g., workmanship, base cleanliness, borehole integrity, and concrete placement) have been discussed by numerous practitioners and researchers in the available technical literature. For a conventional (i.e., ungrouted) bored pile, acceptance is based on a combination of visual inspection, material testing, and the results of integrity and/or performance testing of the constructed pile. A properly executed tip post-grouting program can be a relatively comprehensive and complex process, which is typically evaluated throughout the construction process based on the results of prior projects and/or on test pile(s) at the particular site. For tip post-grouting programs, verification procedures and acceptance criteria should be established during and incorporated into the design process to ensure design intent and objectives are achieved. Project specifications should be produced to ensure performance requirements are achieved. This paper will present and discuss factors affecting the successful execution of tip post-grouting, including grouting criteria, instrumentation, reliability and uncertainty with the method and outcome, and verification and acceptance.

 article #3117; publication #1045 (AM-2018)