Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Sixth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1996, Bombay, India, (DFI)

A Theoretical Study of Underpinning of Rigid Circular Foundations by Piles
M. Makarchian, H.G. Poulos

Existing buildings sometimes experience excessive settlement under their design loads, or due to increased foundation loading, if a change of building use is required. One of the oldest and widely numerical study has been carried out of a simple idealized problem of an underpinned rigid circular foundation to better understand the behavior of pile used for underpinning and load transfer mechanism from an existing foundation to the underpinning piles. The finite element method has been used for this analysis, with the soil treated as a two-phase elasto-plastic material. It is found that the effect of the length of the pile becomes more significant as pile length increases. As would be expected, earlier the pile is installed, the less is the final settlement.

 article #413; publication #35 (IC-1996)