Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Sixth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1996, Bombay, India, (DFI)

Environmental Considerations regarding the Danish Landworks for the Fixed Link Across the Oresund
Uwe Hess MSc PhD, Svend Tantholdt MSc, Carsten Bonde MSc, Susanne Pedersen MSc, Laust Ladefoged MSc

For the Danis landworks for the coming fixed link between Denmark and Sweden across the Oresund the focus has been on the environmental aspects of the construction and operation of the facilities. This paper describes how the environmental objectives pertaining to the project have influenced the design and construction of one of the major elements of the Danish landworks, I.e. the tunnel in Sydhavnsgade and under Sydhavn Station. The chosen construction methods for the construction pit bracing and the groundwater lowering will be described along with the observed effects on the environment as shown by simulated or measured values for noise impact, settlements, pumped groundwater and extension of the drawdown cone."

 article #421; publication #35 (IC-1996)