Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Sixth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1996, Bombay, India, (DFI)

Pile Load Test on 1200 mm Diameter Pile in Cemented Soil
B. Ramanathan, K.L. Pujar

The results of a pile load test on a 1200-mm diameter and 25-m long bored Cast in-situ pile in soft rock is reported. The subsoil has a high N value of above 60 from 7-m to 21-m. The soft rock was observed below 21-m and N value exceeded 100. The theoretical calculations showed that the safe carrying capacity would be about 410 t. But the actual load test on the pile indicated that the allowable load is only about 140 t. This attributed to the fact that the soil is cemented and loses strength due to remolding caused by pile installation. It is concluded that great care should be exercised in determining the carrying capacity of piles in cemented soils and soft rocks and that "n" value alone should not be used.

 article #429; publication #35 (IC-1996)