Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Sixth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1996, Bombay, India, (DFI)

Skin Friction of Excavated Piles in Weathered Granite
K.K.S. Ho, W.K. Pun, D.O.K. Lo

In Hong Kong the design of excavated piles in weathered granite has conventionally been based on a rule of thumb which relates the allowable base bearing capacity to the SPT N value, with no allowance for skin friction. This rule of thumb ha been shown in weathered granite, instrumented pile load tests have been conducted. This paper summarizes a selection of instrumented pile load test data in Hong Kong and the observations made of the results, which indicated that there was considerable scatter in the back-calculated skin friction values. However, the mobilized skin friction was shown to be significant which can lead to substantial savings in design.

 article #430; publication #35 (IC-1996)