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#TM-HLPR-3 Helical Pile Foundation Design Guide, First Edition, 2019
DFI, DFI Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee, Gary L. Seider, P.E., Chair; Wayne Thompson, P.E., Design Guide Sub-Committee Chair, Editor; and Karen Dawson, P.E., Design Guide, Contributor, Editor
65 pgs, illustrated, PDF

This short, easy-to-follow guide is intended for the preliminary design and selection of helical piles and anchors. The guide covers applications, terminology, advantages and limitations, geotechnical and structural design methods, corrosion protection, load testing, quality control and assurance, and references. This document is intended to be used by engineers and designers with appropriate background knowledge of theoretical soil mechanics and foundation design methods. More detailed design resources are cited.
contents list

#SP-2019 SuperPile 2019 Online Proceedings
DFI, DFI 2019 Technical Committees: Driven Pile, Drilled Shaft, Micropile, ACIP Piles, Helical Piles & Tiebacks, Ground Improvement, Marine Foundations, Testing & Evaluation and Seismic & Lateral Loads
Online Access to Presentation PDFs

For a 12th year, several DFI technical committees combined their industry expertise with ADSC to focus on the latest developments in augered cast-in-place/ drilled displacement piles, drilled shafts, driven piles, ground improvement, helical piles and tiebacks, marine foundations, micropiles, testing and evaluation of foundation systems, and seismic and lateral loads. More than 40 presentations highlighting best practices for project safety from design through construction as well as topics relevant to the Pacific Northwest are included.

#WP-PIMS-2018 Project Information Management Systems in the Deep Foundations Industry White Paper
DFI Project Information Management Systems (PIMS) Committee, Vanessa Bateman, Massimo Mucci, Mark Petersen, and Jamey Rosen
PDF, 8 pgs

This document provides a general introduction to the concepts and applications of a Project Information Management System (PIMS) to the geotechnical foundations industry. While geotechnical projects have always generated data and created related visualizations and analyses, in the past decade the industry has seen an increase in specifications and owner requirements for formal data management and associated project submissions. At the same time, new and adapted technologies are emerging (the nature and rate of adoption of these differ across regions and owners) that allow increased automation and greater digitalization and generation of data in increasing volumes. The PIMS Committee of Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) was formed to guide the industry in navigating these trends and provide tools to DFI members to maximize the benefits from information management. This document was written by the DFI PIMS committee to provide some non-technical guidance to the industry on these concepts.