(DFIJ-XIII) DFI Journal: Vol XIII Subscription: 2 Issues (2019)

article# description author(s)
3391 Editorial Note Vol. XIII No. 1 2019 Anne Lemnitzer, Ph.D., P.E. and Timothy C. Siegel, P.E., G.E., D.GE
3392 DFI Journal Underwriters Pieresearch, Nucor-Skyline, Tectonic
3386 Performance Assessment of Wave Equation Analysis for Driven Steel H-piles in IGM Pramila Adhikari, Ph.D Candidate, Yrgalem Z. Gebreslasie, Kam W. Ng, Ph.D., and Shaun S. Wulff, Ph.D.
3387 Estimating Capacity and Reliability of Existing Foundations for Evaluation of Reuse Andrew Z. Boeckmann, Ph.D., P.E.
3388 Modified Strong Rock P-Y Curves for Rock-socketed Pile Shafts Arash Khosravifar, Ph.D., P.E., and Zia Zafir, Ph.D.
3389 Lateral Forces on Pile Due to Soil Slope Creep David E. Albus, G.E., and Bidjan Ghahreman, Ph.D., G.E.
3390 Torsional Resistance of Drilled Shaft Foundations: A State-of-the-art Review Victor Aguilar, Ph.D. Candidate, J. Michael Stallings, Ph.D., P.E., J. Brian Anderson, Ph.D., P.E., and Andrzej Nowak, Ph.D.