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Junttan Oy specializes in the design, manufacture and service of hydraulic piling equipment. The product range comprises piling rigs, deep stabilization rigs, hydraulic impact hammers, rotary heads and powerpacks.

From design to turnkey construction – Züblin Ground Engineering is the internationally operating provider of construction services for geotechnically demanding projects. Our portfolio ranges from complex infrastructure projects and foundations or turnkey building pits to immersed tubes, including all planning services. Moreover we offer special technologies like ground freezing, dam restoration and directional drilling as well as numerous other competencies in the area of geotechnics. Our excellent employees and comprehensive special equipment ensure highest construction quality and optimal economic efficiency in all fields of service.

Specialist foundation engineering equipment from the BAUER Maschinen Group is the global benchmark in the industry since more than 40 years. Customers all over the world place their trust in the unmatched quality of Bauer machinery when it comes to buying rotary drilling rigs, trench cutters, duty-cycle cranes and drilling accessories.

Together with their specialized subsidiary company, the group can offer the right equipment for nearly any foundation application. It ranges from pile drivers with diesel or hydraulic powered hammers, anchors, slurry mixing and separation, soil improvement and soil mixing. It also includes systems for well drilling and for blastholes, as well as systems for trenchless installation and rehabilitation of sewer and utility lines.

Deep drilling equipment for the oil and gas industry and highly specialist machinery for subsea exploration and drilling are new fields of activity. In addition to its Schrobenhausen mother plant Bauer Maschinen also has manufacturing facilities in Germany, China, Russia, the USA, Malaysia and Italy.

Teams of civil engineers, foremen, operators and mechanics are ready for assisting customers of Bauer Maschinen in starting up complex projects and in training customer's staff on their projects or in special training courses in the head office.

The close link to practical applications in the construction field remains one of the key features of BAUER Maschinen GmbH. It enables Bauer Maschinen to offer "more than just the machine."

It has its own process engineering department, which develops and markets new construction processes and techniques.

A company specialising in foundation techniques, is expected to have an eye for the latest techniques and applications.

Experienced and skilled personnel, modern equipment, expanded know-how and years of experience, personal dedication and problem solving ability make Terracon an innovative specialist in the field of foundations.

Driven piling systems, like precast concrete piles, Vibro-piles, Vibro-combi-piles, Terra-combi-piles and MV-tension-piles, as well as vibration free techniques, like Terra-Son-piles and soil displacing Terr-Econ-piles, fall under the expertise of Terracon. Also pile walls, slurry walls and cast-in-situ Terra-concrete-walls belong to the delivery programme. For other special techniques specialised and experienced partners can be called in from abroad.

Thanks to the favourable geographical position of the company, Terracon works resolutely and efficiently though the whole of the Benelux and Germany, while France, U.K., Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are also regular areas of work. For thorough work and accountable advice, an acceptable price and reliable foundations, Terracon is the innovative construction partner you are looking for.