Publication Abstract

Grouting and Ground Treatment: Proceedings of the Third International Conference, (ASCE)

Treatment of Medium to Coarse Sands by Microcem H900 as an Alternative Grouting to Silicate-Ester Grouts
Murat Mollamahmutoglu

The aim of this paper is to present comparative laboratory studies conducted on commercially available OPC, Microcem H900 and silicate-ester grouts. It has been found that Microcem H900 has better flow properties, and bleed characteristics than OPC. Further more, its permeation into medium to coarse sand is as effective as silicate-ester grout and the strength of the sand gained by the injection of Microcem H900 into sands is higher than that of silicate-ester grouted sand.

 article #1157; publication #62 (GRT-2003)