Publication Abstract

Grouting and Ground Treatment: Proceedings of the Third International Conference, (ASCE)

State of the Art in Computer Monitoring and Analysis of Grouting
T. Dreese, D. Wilson, D. Heenan, J. Cockburn

Computer monitoring and analysis of grouting has come of age as a reliable and effective tool for better, faster, and less expensive grouting. This paper traces the development of computer monitoring and control systems, summarizes the benefits that can be realized from use of the systems, and presents the latest developments in specialized technology developed specifically for permeation grouting. Several case history applications of successful use of computer monitoring and analysis are presented. The Penn Forest Project, a new dam construction project in Pennsylvania, was a landmark project in the utilization of computer monitoring technology and is the only large project where full scale, side by side comparison of conventional monitoring techniques and computer monitoring systems is available. This project provided clear, quantitative illustration of the many technical and cost benefits that result from computer monitoring. The Patoka Lake Seepage Remediation Project, located in southwestern Indiana, was another vital project in that it was the first grouting project requiring the use of computer monitoring undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and in that it has helped set the standards for contracting methods and field application. The Hunting Run Dam Project, recently completed for Spotsylvania County, VA, utilized new, state-of-the-art technology that advances computer monitoring and analysis of grouting to an unprecedented level of automation. This new system completely automates operations and allows real-time, comprehensive onsite display and simultaneous real-time onsite and remote analyses of grouting results.

 article #1175; publication #62 (GRT-2003)