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Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, USA, (DFI)

Extensive Pile Testing of Auger Pressure Grouted Displacement (APGD) Piles, Los Angeles, California
Michael D. Reader RCE, G.E., Todd W. Armstrong RCE

The Playa Vista Development is the largest urban in-fill development in the history of the United States. Overall, it encompasses about 1100 acres in the City of Los Angeles and is situated north of Los Angeles International Airport near the Pacific Ocean. The development taking place on the project consists primarily of high-density residential condominiums with 1 to 2 levels of subterranean parking. The geotechnical conditions are typified by high groundwater, soft clays, and liquefaction, in addition to environmental issues. Due to a combination of the geotechnical factors and noise restrictions, both driven and drilled piles were not feasible once the initial phase of the project was occupied. As a result, the project developer undertook a testing program that consisted of the installation and load testing of 9 piles in order to obtain City of Los Angeles acceptance of a pile installation system that met the site constraints. The testing program was divided between two separate contractors operating on sites set on opposite sides on the street (Figure 1). Contractors working in Test Areas A & B employed the “dry dip” and “wet dip” methods of auger pressure grouted displacement (APGD) pile installation, respectively. This paper summarizes the extraordinary program undertaken to install, document, tests, and examine auger pressure grouted displacement piles at this site. The program ultimately resulted in City acceptance of auger pressure grouted displacement piles, a historically difficult challenge given the City’s resistance of acceptance of “new” technologies. A summary of elements included in the test program are: (1) quality control; (2) load testing; (3) long-term testing; (4) non-destructive testing; and (5) pile exhumation.

 article #1283; publication #72 (AM-2005)