Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, USA, (DFI)

Secant Pile Walls – A Consistent Approach to Risk Management
Tony P. Suckling, Clifford J. Wren, Vivian M. Troughton

Secant pile walls are used for the construction of deep basement walls and earth retaining structures. Risk associated with secant pile walls is commonly perceived as being the safety of site personnel and the public during piling operations, or safety used in design. It is recognized that both of these are of paramount importance, but additional risks associated with the construction methods must also be considered to complete the risk management profile for any project. For the particular case of secant pile walls, if Clients take a “back seat” they may be unaware of the total risk package they are procuring. The authors argue that the piling contractor should be involved at the earliest stage giving input into the overall risk management process. Such early involvement within the professional team will maximize cost benefits to the Client and minimize the delays and cost increases sometimes associated with these works. A consistent methodology for identifying and then managing all the risks associated with secant pile walls is proposed. An example is used to demonstrate how this methodology should be employed.

 article #1290; publication #72 (AM-2005)