Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, USA, (DFI)

Providing External Confinement to Precast Prestressed Pile Shafts to Improve Ductility Experimental Observations
Andrew Budek P.E., PhD

Analytical and experimental work has shown that achieving the full inelastic lateral capacity of a pile may require the formation of a plastic hinge below ground level, in the pile shaft. The confining action of soil about the pile shaft was further been shown to greatly enhance the ductility capacity of the pile. An experimental program was therefore undertaken to build in the effect of external confinement through the addition of a GFRP jacket to the subgrade plastic hinge region. Two piles were thus modified, and compared to an unjacketed pile in a test rig which simulated a subgrade moment pattern and soil confinement. The ductility achieved by the jacketed piles was found to be substantially lower than an unjacketed control specimen. Failure mode of the jacketed specimens was also undesirable, involving complete tendon rupture and sudden loss in capacity.

 article #1296; publication #72 (AM-2005)