Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, USA, (DFI)

Performance of Open-Ended Pipe Piles in Cretaceous Soils in Baltimore
Sanjeev Malhotra P.E., G.E.

This paper presents the results of a pile installation monitoring and performance assessment program for pile foundations supporting 14 piers and 2 abutments of the 1700-ft long bridge crossing over a river in Baltimore, Maryland. Dynamic measurements were conducted during installation and restrike of 16 test piles, one at each support location. The foundation piles were 30-inch diameter, 0.75 inch thick pipe piles at the piers and 24 diameter, 0.5 inch thick at the abutments. The piles at the piers were approximately 100 ft long and were designed to carry 260 kips service load with a factor of safety of 2.25. The piles were driven to open ended into a variable site stratigraphy containing recent deposits of organic clayey silts near the mudline followed by loose to medium dense sand, with some silt, and then by soil deposits from Cretaceous period consisting primarily of dense to very dense, poorly to well graded sands and gravels and cobbles, with occasional seams of very hard to very stiff, low to moderate plasticity silts and clays. This paper presents the approach taken to evaluate the driven index piles and to develop criteria for driving production piles. It provides the Engineer some data on pile driveability in Cretaceous soils in the Baltimore area, soil set-up effect, and an estimate of pile capacity.

 article #1306; publication #72 (AM-2005)