Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, USA, (DFI)

Foundation Reuse: Overcoming Resistance
Tim Chapman, Sara Anderson, Rachel Nicholls, Janice Windle

In the city center sites around the world, and in particular in London, foundation reuse is becoming increasingly widespread as the ground is filled with detritus from previous developments. This paper sets out a systematic framework to consider the need for and benefits of foundation reuse and key issues to be resolved for foundation reuse to be successfully adopted on redevelopment projects. Once foundation reuse has been identified as a potential foundation solution there are several key stages in the design and construction process where the decision to reuse foundations needs to be assessed. This paper concludes by emphasizing the importance of ensuring that the foundations being installed now can more easily be reused in the future.

 article #1308; publication #72 (AM-2005)