Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, USA, (DFI)

Development of Environmental Double Pile (EDP) for Improvement of Contaminated Soft Ground
Hyunsuk Yoon, Juhyng Lee, Younghoon Jung, Kiho Lee, Junboum Park

The environmental double pile method is presented as a device to improve the engineering properties and to clean up contamination of low-permeability soil. This method is one of the novel technologies based on the concept of one step process. It can be applied to low permeable contaminated ground for site reuse. It uses piles to improve drainage, contaminant remediation, and bearing capacity of the ground. To evaluate the on-site applicability of this technology, drainage and strength properties of the environmental double pile were assessed by a series of experiments and numerical analysis. Environmental double pile was found to be a feasible alternative method to improve contaminated soft ground.

 article #1310; publication #72 (AM-2005)