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Proceedings-DFI/EFFC 11th International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden, (DFI)

Copenhagen - Denmark Cityringen Metro Project: Innovative Solution for Deep Excavation in Complex Urban Areas
Marco Ziller and Paolo Cavalcoli, Trevi S.p.A., Italy

In the year 2010 the State of Denmark together with the Municipality of Copenhagen, launched a very important and complex Project : the complete construction of a new double Subway Line :the CITYRINGEN. Copenhagen is the capital with a metropolitan population of 1,9 million. This line is like a ring placed in the very town center which includes all the most historical and monumental buildings and churches, with a total length of 17 km, and the presence of 17 stations plus 4 service shafts. The buildings have been built in the last centuries in an area where the groundwater is near to the surface and there are lakes and channels: the techniques adopted were advanced for those times, but limited as far as regards settlements and resistance to horizontal movements. The soil consists in 2 main groups. 1.Upper sediments of the glacial ages : thickness total = 5-20 m composed by clay- silt-sand-gravelcobbles - granite boulders and flint in blocs and in layers : frequency and size of these obstacles where not determined. 2.Limestone layers : 2a. upper limestone : highly fractured ,highly permeable 2b.Itermediate limestone : less fractured, medium permeability. 2c. Lower limestone : almost not fractured, low permeability. 2d Bryozoan limestone : composed by fossils with microscopic dimensions. In all the limestone formations there are important layers of flint , having thickness variable up to 3 m and important extensions. Water : in a part of the areas of the Cityringen the water is drinkable and utilized in the public water net. Pollution: there are polluted zones due to previous industrial activities. Benzene areas have been identified, and for those areas special protections against pollution have been implemented. METROSELSKABET ,the public owner of the Cityringen,has set as priority to operate for the construction of the Cityringen the full protection of the environment and the respect of all the stakeholders: Very strong limits for the exhausted gas emissions have been introduced, by far stronger than those applied from the State of Denmark, very strong limits for the acceptable noise emission. And last but not least very important safety measures and procedure to avoid any accident on site. The Contract for the construction of the Cityringen has been awarded to the Copenhagen Metro Team, composed by Salini-Tecnimont and Seli: contract worth 1.400 mio . Completion 2018. Subcontractor for all geotechnical works TREVI Foundations Denmark: contract worth 100 mio . Completion 2014.

 article #1912; publication #100 (IC-2014)