Publication Abstract

Proceedings-DFI/EFFC 11th International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden, (DFI)

Modulus of Elasticity in Deep Bored Piles
Joram M. Amir and Erez I. Amir, Ltd., Israel; Carlos Lam, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The modulus of elasticity of pile material (E) is an important parameter for the interpretation of both static and dynamic loading tests on piles. This value is commonly assumed to be constant with depth though it may not be true for deep bored piles due to the chosen casting method and/or selfweight consolidation. To provide evidence to support this proposition, the results of compressive strength tests on core samples taken from four different studies have been presented. The results show a marked increase in the strength and stiffness values with depth. The results of crosshole ultrasonic tests conducted at another site also confirm the same pattern. It is therefore recommended that before load testing a pile the distribution of the E values along the pile axis should be investigated. This will ensure the use of a realistic elastic modulus value and hence the correct interpretation of the distribution between the shaft and end resistances.

 article #1916; publication #100 (IC-2014)