Publication Abstract

Proceedings-DFI/EFFC 11th International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden, (DFI)

Overview of Design and Practice of SDS Piles in China
Zhong Liu and Gang Guo, Central Research Institute of Building and Construction of MCC Group, China; Yi Zhang and Jingchun Lu, China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited, China

Application of soil displacement screw pile (known as SDS pile) has been experiencing accelerated growth in Chinese deep foundation industry because of its technical advantages, environmental benefits, and cost effective as well. As bored displacement piling, SDS piles are able to perform better than non-displacement piling such as CFA plies due to changing the stress state in the soil around SDS piles during the installation. Therefore the design methods between the conventional pile type and SDS pile type have some differences. Based on the methodology research, current Chinese piling rigs, displacement augers and piling projects are introduced, and the current design approaches for SDS piles in China are also described. Moreover, the design results are verified by using full scale load tests, and a part of the research results of SDS piling system acquired in China are presented.

 article #1922; publication #100 (IC-2014)