Publication Abstract

Proceedings-DFI/EFFC 11th International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden, (DFI)

The Heritage of Swedish Foundation Engineering
K. Rainer Massarsch, Geo Risk & Vibration AB, Sweden; Stefan Aronsson, F Infrastructure AB, Sweden

The geology of Sweden is characterized by the most recent glacial period with deposition of very soft clays and loose sand. Due to these difficult geotechnical conditions, new, innovative foundation and ground improvement methods were developed, which today are used in many other countries. Over centuries, Swedish scientists and engineers have made important contributions to the developments in foundation engineering. An important aspect of the success of Swedish foundation engineering in practice is the spirit of close cooperation between practitioners, engineers, and scientists. This has been achieved by the establishing of commissions, with the aim of finding solution of geotechnical problems. The paper focuses on developments in foundation engineering during the last century and does cover present activities in Sweden.

 article #1974; publication #100 (IC-2014)