Publication Abstract

SuperPile 2017 Online Proceedings, (DFI)

Safety Issues for Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and QA/QC Programs
Bernard H. Hertlein, FACI, M.ASCE

Integrity testing of deep foundations has become an essential component of the QA/QC program on most major construction projects, especially those of State transportation departments. Such projects usually also have stringent safety requirements for all persons entering or working on the site. On many sites, the usual PPE requirements of hard-hats, steel-toe boots, safety glasses etc. have recently been supplemented with work gloves, no matter what the occupation of the site employee or visitor. No one is exempted from these requirements, not even the foundation tester who may only be on site for an hour or so. In such an apparently safety-oriented culture, why, then, is it sometimes so difficult to get the site team to cooperate in providing safe access to the foundations for the tester?This presentation examines this issue, provides some illustrative case histories, some of which might also be called near-misses, and makes some suggestions for a more cooperative approach to construction site safety for all concerned with foundation QA/QC and integrity testing.

 article #2665; publication #1031 (SP-2017)