Publication Abstract

SuperPile 2017 Online Proceedings, (DFI)

Rock-Socketed Pile Shear
Anne Lemnitzer, Ph.D.

This presentation provides updates of an experimental study of laterally-loaded pile shear demands at and below the interface of soil and underlying rock. The full-scale experimental study will be performed at the UC Irvine “Soil Pit” and is jointly funded by DFI’s Deep Foundations Committee and the ADSC-IAFD Industry Advancement Fund. The study aims to investigate the validity of shear amplification in rock sockets predicted by beam-on-springs type software (e.g., LPILE). A series of instrumented piles will be loaded and the measured stress field, including shear, will be compared to a variety of design methods ranging from beam-on-springs to continuum modeling. The end goal of the study is to provide practical guidance for shear design of rock sockets. The extensive instrumentation used for the test piles, including a novel trihedral 3D strain sensor, will provide a unique dataset with potential future applications beyond the scope of the current project, for example improved p-y curve models. Material anticipated to be covered in the presentation includes the fundamental mechanics of the rock-socket shear problem, a synthesis of existing research and design methodologies, numerical modeling results used to guide development of the experimental setup, the testing plan, and any results obtained to-date.

 article #2667; publication #1031 (SP-2017)