Publication Abstract

SuperPile 2017 Online Proceedings, (DFI)

New Technology Center Development, Camden, New Jersey
Frederick Brinker, P.E.

Over 4000 concrete filled steel pipe piles were installed for a new Technology Center Developent in Camden, New Jersey along the Delaware River. The pile capacities varied from 175 to 200 tons. Piles were 16 inch diameter with a 2 inch thick flat plate welded to the tip. Many challenges faced the geotechnical engineer of record for the design, and the contractors who installed the piles including the presence of existing timber piling from 1800's, remnant construction, highly variable subsurface conditions, pile freezing and groundwater. This paper will outline the subsurface conditions, pile design alternatives, pile load testing program (static & dynamic), pile installation challenges and the overall management challenges that were overcome on this large and complex project.

 article #2669; publication #1031 (SP-2017)