Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fifth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1994, Bruges, Belgium, (DFI)

Application of double tube grout pile to an offshore jacket structure supported in rocky bed
K. Kato & H. Oumi

Double-tube grout piles were used as the support piles for an offshore jacket structure on ground with a few meters of sedimentary material above the underlying rocky bed. Double-tube grout piles comprise a sleeve pile and an inner pile. The first stage of the pile-driving process entails driving the sleeve pile into the sedimentary lary. The inner pile is then inserted into a hole prepared in the rocky bed under the sleeve pile tip, and is then grouted to the sleeve pile. Double-tube grout piling is a remarkably effective method of anchoring piles to the bedrock. It is particulary useful where steel piles driven only into the sedimentary layer would not provide adequate bearing capacity. Before this method could be applied, several issues had to be resolved: the bonding and confinement friction between the grout and the bedrock had to be determined, the properties of the cement paste used as grout had to be chosen, and a method of carrying out the grouting had to be developed. Experiments were conducted both in the field and in the laboratory to solve these problems. This paper describes a design for double-tube grout piles and the method of installation as derived from the experiments conducted.

 article #801; publication #36 (IC-1994)