Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fifth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1994, Bruges, Belgium, (DFI)

Cut-off walls by hydrofraise by the one-state method
Jorn Seitz & Soren Hass

The present report deals with the technology of the execution by the hydrofraise for cut-off walls by the one-stage method. This report is based on the experiences and results which were made by BILFINGER + BERGER Bauaktiengesellschaft, Mannheim, during a 1:1 test and the application on a site. The wall material and its requirements, the equipment and the technology as well as the necessary measures for the quality contol and quality assurance are described. Results and knowledge followed form the tests made up to now and conclusions are drawn for future developments.

 article #811; publication #36 (IC-1994)