Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fifth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1994, Bruges, Belgium, (DFI)

Quality control at Pier NB-2
A. Komornik & J.M. Amir

The paper describes the chain of events related to the construction of the piles carrying pier NB-2 of the Ayalon Highway over the period April to September 1992. From the start, construction of the piles was accompanied by various difficulties. As a result the integrity testing programme was extended to include practically all the methods presently available: Sonic echo testing, cross-hole ultrasonic logging, gamma-ray scattering, open excavation and core drilling. After serious defects were found in six of the nine piles, specially drilled, as well as through the same steel tubes previously installed for testing. Subsequent integrity testing showed little effect, but Statnamic load testing, carried out on all the piles, demonstrated their capacity.

 article #815; publication #36 (IC-1994)