Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fifth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1994, Bruges, Belgium, (DFI)

Soil investigation for pile foundations
W. Rodatz & B. Weinholz

The usual methods for soil investigation have some disadvantages. For example, with the cone penetration test the details about toe resistance and skin friction can be measured, but it is not always possible to reach an adequate final depth in which the piles are to be set. In contrast, with the penetration test, the adequate pile depth can be reached, but it is not possible to get any information about the distribution of the skin friction and the toe resistance. This knowledge in mind, test with a heavy penetration test device were carried out. We compared the results to those from the cone penetration test. Our modified heavy penetration test device is a sounding device, where the sounding rod is provided with a strain and acceleration gauge. A single drive can be evaluated the with CASE and the CAPWAP methods, with which one can determine the skin friction distribution along the sounding rod and the toe resistance.

 article #822; publication #36 (IC-1994)