Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fifth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1994, Bruges, Belgium, (DFI)

Special requirements to Steel Sheet Piling for New Highway Structures
F. Hubert and P. Schroeder

For the construction of the new South Motorway in Luxembourg steel sheet piles have been widely used as a construction element for tunnels, bridges, retaining walls etc. The total length of this highway section, which will later be connected to the Belgian, German and French highway system is about 20 km and includes 3 tunnels, 11 bridge constructions and 3 pedestrian crossings. Geological conditions showing very hard clay with cemented calcareous layers and a groundwater level close to the surface were encountered over the whole layout line. One typical example was the Ehlerange tunnel where sheet piling had to face the triple challenge of extremely hard driving conditions, high vertical load bearing capacity added to the horizontal loading and perfect watertightness against hydrostatic pressure. Environmental aspects and tough administration regulations had their part in the difficulties. A detailed description of these and other supplementary problems and how adequate solutions have been worked out will be given in this paper.

 article #839; publication #36 (IC-1994)