(DM-2021) Deep Mixing 2021 Online Conference Proceedings

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3849 Deep Mixing 2021 – Best Practice and Legacy Overview Michal Topolnicki, Mary Ellen Bruce Large
Design Analysis
3850 A Simplified Approach for the Settlement of Composite Foundation Improved by Floating Deep Mixed Columns Shechuan Liu, Dingwen Zhang and Songyu Liu
3851 Assessment of Soil Stabilisation Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ASSERT) Mikael Lumetzberger, Per Hedblom, Per-Ivar Olsson and Torleif Dahlin
3852 Design of Continuous Deep Mixing Walls as Soil Strengthening Structures with 3D Numerical Modeling Maciej Szczygielski and Natalia Maca
3853 Design of Deep Cement Mixing Treatment for Non-Dredged Seawall in Hong Kong Chris K. W. Cheung, Anthony H. K. Wong, Henry K. T. Cheung and Sunny T. C. So
3854 European Standards - A Supportive Element in Risk Management Wolfgang Sondermann
3855 Evaluation of Settlement Calculation Method for Deep Mixed Soft Foundations Jie Han
3856 External and Internal Stabilities of Group Column Type Deep Mixing Improved Ground on Inclined Foundation Layer Masaki Kitazume, Kazuki Horikoshi, Kiyonobu Kasama, Yuta Toshinari and Shusaku Matsuda
3857 Finite Element Modeling of the Arching Effect in Retaining Walls Made of Soil Mix Panels Nicolas Denies, Malek Allani, Noël Huybrechts, Jean-Cédric Kouamé, Grégory Laurent, Tim Eggermont and Maurice Bottiau
3858 Finite Element Modeling of the Arching Effect in Retaining Walls Made of Soil-Cement Columns Nicolas Denies, Malek Allani, Noël Huybrechts, Jean-Cédric Kouamé, Grégory Laurent, Tim Eggermont and Maurice Bottiau
3859 Influence of Configurations of Deep Mixed Columns on the Stability of Embankments over Soft Ground Gang Zheng, Xiaoxuan Yu, Haizuo Zhou, Boyang Xia and Jiapeng Zhao
3860 Marine Deep Mixing Method Utilizing ICT and BIM/CIM Hirotomo Wakamatsu, Yohei Nasuno, Takayuki Tanaka and Ei Fujiyama
3861 Numerical Modelling of the Creep Behaviour of a Stabilised Soft Soil: Effect of Curing Time Paulo J. Venda Oliveira, António A. S. Correia and Luis J. L. Lemos
3862 Practical Aspects of QA/QC and Verification for Deep Mixed Cut-Off Walls Donald A. Bruce, Peter R. Cali and Stephan A. Jefferis
3863 Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures for Deep Cement Mixing Construction in Hong Kong Chris K. W. Cheung, Anthony H. K. Wong, Henry K. T. Cheung and Sunny T. C. So
3864 Reliability Assessment for the Bearing Capacity of Block-Type Cement-Treated Ground Kiyonobu Kasama, Andrew J. Whittle and Masaki Kitazume
3865 Renewed Finnish Guideline on Deep Mixing Juha A. Forsman, Leena K. Korkiala-Tanttu and Veli-Matti Uotinen
3866 Response of Vertically-loaded Pile in Spatially-Variable Cement-Treated Surround Y. T. Pan, Z. H. Sun and Fook-Hou Lee
3867 Some Engineering Topics for Deep Soil Mixing (DM) Mitsuo Nozu and Yuki Imai
3868 The Application of the Deep Mixing Method to Dam and Levee Remediation in the United States Donald A. Bruce
3869 Toward Reliability-Based Serviceability Limit State Verification of Dry Deep Mixing Columns Johan Spross, Niclas Bergman and Stefan Larsson
Case Histories and Lessons Learned
3870 A Review on Lateral Response of DCM And a Case Study Van-Ngoc Pham, Erwin Oh, Dominic Ong and Cong-Oanh Nguyen
3871 A Soil Mixing Application to Underpin Existing Buildings Massimo Grisolia, Ignazio Paolo Marzano, Giuseppe Iorio and Giuseppe Panetta
3872 Advances in Soil Mixing using Mixpile System to Support Heavily Loaded Buildings Noelia Coronilla Osorio, Víctor Brito de la Nuez and Iago Rodriguez Trigo
3873 Application of Soil Mixing for Excavation Support in Singapore Zhi Wei He and Kam Weng Leong
3874 Case Study on Application of Deep Mixing Method in Kinjyo Area of Nagoya Port Hiroyuki Saegusa, Hideyuki Asada, Hirofumi Taguchi, Hirofumi Fukawa and Shuji Hirota
3875 Construction Example by Displacement Reduction Type Deep Mixing Method with Long Cement Columns for Stress Blocking Eisaku Takayama, Toshiyuki Sugawara and Makoto Chiba
3876 Cutter Soil Mixing Used for Break-Out Stabilisation at TBM Launch Shaft, Westgate Tunnel, Melbourne Arash Judi, Russell Denny and Lech Wypych
3877 Cutter Soil Mixing Used to Facilitate Pipeline Construction, Wynyard Point, New Zealand Arash Judi and Russell Denny
3878 Deep Mixing for Two Major California Highway Interchange Reconstruction Projects Rakshya Shrestha, Mahmood Momenzadeh, Tung Nguyen, S. Stephen Huang and David S. Yang
3879 Deep Mixing in Saline Silty Sands (Sabkha) using GGBS-Cement Binder, A Case Study in the UAE Rafael C. Ceglarek, Chulmin Jung, Houman S. Fard and Mohamed K. Ayeldeen
3880 Deep Soil Mixing Technology by Dry Mixing for Foundation of Fuel Tanks Kozo Takeda, Kazuhiro Furusaki and Hiroaki Yamanashi
3881 Design and Construction of Deep Soil Mixing of Soft Alluvium And Peat Across a River Foreshore Site, as Part of Thames Tideway Tunnel, London R. Talby, J. Woodcock, P. Rutty, D. Lovelock, M. Stanley and Radu Stoian
3882 Dry Deep Mixing (DDM) Lime-Columns (LCC) For Excavations in Soft Clays in Urban Environments Nibben Peterzéns and Jorge Yannie
3883 Dry Deep Soil Mixing in Combination with Jet Grouting in Norwegian Soft Soil at the Follo Line Project Dominik Gächter and Robert Thurner
3884 Dual Application and Innovative Quality Control Practices for a Trench Mixed Wall Joseph A. Mann and Christopher W. L. Nelsen
3885 Experience of Introduction of Deep Soil Mixing Technique to a New Market - Russia Aleksandr Korpach, Oleksandr Bogdanov, Farshed Zehniev and Dmitriy Vnukov
3886 Floating Foundation of Road Bridge Abutments on Soil-Mix Columns and Observed Performance O. Mitrosz and T. Skóra
3887 Ground Improvement by Deep Mixing in the Spanga-Barkarby Area Anders B. Lundberg
3888 Ground Improvement Construction Case of Volcanic Ash Soil Layer Takaaki Yoshida
3889 Ground Improvement Works for the New Stockholm Norvik Port Tony P. Forsberg
3890 Implications of Evolving Cutoff Wall Specifications over Twelve Years of Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation Michael Arnold
3891 New Application of the CDM Method - Application to Gravity-type Quay Walls - Sachihiko Tokunaga, Yoshiyuki Morikawa and Hayato Yamaguchi
3892 Soil Mixing to Stabilize Fills Placed Hydraulically for Wharf Expansion A. David Miller
3893 The 1915 Çanakkale (DARDANELLES) Bridge Deep Soil Mixing Works - A Case Study Berkay Koçak, Numan Veliođlu, Önder Akçakal, Ogan Sevim, Fatih Kulaç and Turan Durgunoglu
3894 The Development of Deep Soil Mixing Practice and Applications in Malaysia V. R. Raju, Mikias M. Yohannes and Jonathan Daramalinggam
3895 The New Orleans Lesson: Development of a DMM Market Donald A. Bruce and Peter R. Cali
3896 Trench Mix Technology as an Alternative for Diaphragm Walls and Sheet Piles Walls Urszula Tomczak and Izabela Nitka
3897 Twenty Years of Soil Mixing Experience Along the Gulf Coast for Permanent Applications Brian J. Freilich and Dennis W. Boehm
Environmental Mixing
3898 Application of Soil Mixing Technology in Remediation Lech Balachowski, Sylwia Janiszewska, Monika Kiecana, Norbert Kurek and Karolina Trybocka
3899 Environmental Applications of Soil Mixing Franz-Werner Gerressen, Thomas Vohs and Vito Schifano
3900 EU LIFE IP CIRCWASTE, Case Sampaanala Bay: Piloting of Novel Waste-Based-Binder Mixtures in Coastal Bay Mass-Stabilization Tuomas Suikkanen, Timo Pitkänen, Rami Heikola, Harri Jyrävä, Noora Lindroos, Marjo Koivulahti and Pentti Lahtinen
3901 Feasibility of Using Grout Residues as a Construction Material Yuelin Li, Zeger Sierens and Jiabin Li
3902 FE-Based D-S/S in Treating Soils Contaminated with Chlorinated Organics through Soil Mixing Darya Kupryianchyk, Annika Sidelmann Fjordboge, Wilhelm Rankka, Klas Arnerdal, Anna Toft and Katerina Hantzi
3903 Full-Scale Remediation of a Coal Tar Source Area Using Combined ISS and ISCO Soil-Mixing Niels E. Bordum, Torben H. Jřrgensen, Lars Nissen, Anna Toft, Chris Robb and Neal Durant
3904 Impact of Construction using the Dry Jet Mixing Method on the Surrounding Aquatic Environment Kiyotaka Ono and Takashi Yamada
3905 Orica Botany - Mercury Containment by Cut-Off Wall using CSM Equipment Russell Denny and Lech Wypych
3906 Overview of US Industry Practice for Soil Mixing in Contaminated Soils D. G. Ruffing, K. A Andromalos, D. R. Payne and R. M. Schindler
3907 Stabilization of Contaminated Sediments in Port of Hamburg, Germany Michael Mengelt, Tommi Marjamäki, Timo Stapelfeldt and Juha Forsman
Field Performance
3908 An Original Application of Deep Mixing for the Rehabilitation of a Historical Port Quay Wall Giuseppe Iorio, Ignazio Paolo Marzano and Giuseppe Panetta
3909 Carbonation Treatment Technology of Soft Soil Foundation Based on the Ventilation Pipe Pile Song-Yu Liu, Guang-Hua Cai, Liang Wang, Guang-Yin Du, Hai-Tao Li and Xing-Chen Qian
3910 Construction with Cement Deep Mixing Vessels in Close Proximity to Existing Revetments Nanase Toyosawa
3911 Deep Foundation of Railways using the Mixed-in-place Technology Karsten Beckhaus, Manuel Friz, Stefan Ferstl and Hursit Ibuk
3912 Deep Soil Mixing Columns in Soft and Weathered Chalk F. Mathieu, M. Lebreton, M. Fonty, M. Romagon and P. B. Passot
3913 Development of CDM-EXCEED Method and New QC/QA System Toshiro Hara, Sachihiko Tokunaga and Hisashi Hosomi
3914 Development of Soil-Rock Total Sounding for Production Control of Dry Deep Mixing Columns Stefan Larsson, Gunnar Nilsson and Nenad Jelisic
3915 Dry Deep Mixing for the A2 Motorway in Poland, an Extensive Research into Soil and Binder Chemistry Hĺkan Eriksson
3916 Dry Excavation Pits made with Smaller Carbon Footprint by Soil Mixing Hursit Ibuk, Karsten Beckhaus, André Seidel and Niklas Baumeister
3917 Enlargement of Delivery Cement Channels for Improvement of the DJM Equipment Arashi Shimano, Satoshi Okajima and Takashi Yamada
3918 Field Investigation of the Lateral Response of a Single Precast Concrete Pile Reinforced by a Deep Cement-Mixing Column Anhui Wang, Dingwen Zhang, Menghuan Zhang, Songyu Liu and Guangyin Du
3919 Field Test Experiences from Dry Deep Mixed (DDM) Lime-Cement Columns Installed in the Passive Zone of a Deep Excavation in Soft Gothenburg Clay Jorge Yannie, Tara Wood and Jonatan Isaksson
3920 Full Scale Deep Mixing Trial Embankment in Hong Kong Chris K. W. Cheung, Anthony H. K. Wong, Henry K. T. Cheung and Sunny T. C. So
3921 Ground Improvement via Combined Vertical-Plane Rotating Device and Drilling Agitator Shoichi Tsukuni and Kazuo Konoshi
3922 Historical Study of Specification and Requirement Deduced from 5,300 Projects of On-Land Dry Deep Mixing in Japan Shigetoyo Yasui, Arashi Shimano, Keisuke Tsujimoto and Kiyotaka Oono
3923 Laboratory and Field Tests Comparison: Case History of Portage Lakes East Reservoir Dam F. Mathieu, R. Streets and P. Nix
3924 Long Term Performance of Mass Stabilized Organic Soil Juha A. Forsman, Leena K. Korkiala-Tanttu and Fredrik B. Winqvist
3925 New Cement Deep Mixing Vessel Equipped with Environmentally-Friendly Power System and ICT Masanao Kusakari
3926 Soil Improvement for Infrastructures by Deep Mixing Rolf Katzenbach, Steffen Leppla, Alexandra Weidle and Arnoldas Norkus
3927 Some Insights into Wet Soil Mixed Properties from a Database Developed through Routine Project Work Anthony O'Brien and Ian Murray
3928 SR 83/US 331 Choctawhatchee Bay Bridge Project: Effectivness of Deep Mixing Method and Shallow Mixing Method on Long Term Settlement Control Alessandro Bertero, Gray Mullins and Wesley Schmutzler
3929 Use Of Ground Improvement to Control Soft Clay in Urban Excavations in Singapore - Review from Past Experiences and Considerations Moving Forward G. A. Pittaro and S. H. Goh
Liquefaction Mitigation
3930 Centrifuge Model Tests to Investigate Shear Deformation of Grid-Type Deep-Mixing Improvement Ooki Kurihara and Hidenori Takahashi
3931 Dynamic Centrifugal Model Test on Deformation Control by Composite Ground Improvement H. Hashimoto, H. Hayashi, T. Aoki and O. Hatakeyama
3932 Mitigation Technique Against Liquefaction-Induced Uplift of a Utility Tunnel by Deep Mixing Walls Takehisa Shiiba, Moritada Mori, Ryu Yamanaka, Kazuo Konishi and Masayuki Imai
3933 Numerical Analyses of Gravity-Type Quay Walls Constructed by Deep Mixing Hirofumi Fukawa, Hideyuki Asada, Hirofumi Taguchi, Hidenori Takahashi and Yoshiyuki Morikawa
3934 Soil Mixing Honeycomb Structures in Seismic areas with Soil Liquifaction Risk Erwin Girsch and Fadi Haddad
3935 Study On Quay's Seismic Performance Applied with Wide-Grid Lattice-Type Soil Solidification Takemine Yamada, Yoshihide Okimi and Kenji Ishii
3936 Study on the Earthquake Resistance of Deep-Mixing Reinforced Levee Using Effective Stress Analysis Binh Nguyen, Kazuhiko Ueno, Yoshiyuki Morikawa, Hidenori Takahashi and Sachihiko Tokunaga
Material Properties
3937 An Experimental Study on the Shape of the Yield Surface of a Chemically Stabilised Soil Nicole C. Santos, Jorge Villarroel-Ortega, António A. S. Correia, Paulo J. Venda Oliveira and Luís J. L. Lemos
3938 Behavior of DSM in Calcareous Sand in the UAE and the Middle East Houman S. Fard, Mohamad Nagi, Alaa Ashmawy and Elias Saqan
3939 Cement Stabilization of a Clay Slurry with High Water Content Wentao Li, Soon Kee Toh and Yaolin Yi
3940 Deep Soil Mixing with Novel Superabsorbent Polymer-Based Self-healing Grouts Benyi Cao and Abir Al-Tabbaa
3941 Development of the Cement Deep Mixing Method for High-Strength Ground Improvement Takao Koono and Masamichi Aoki
3942 Durability of Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) Materials Subjected to Freeze-Thaw Cycles And Carbonation Jacques J. M. M. Hessouh, Javad Eslami, Anne-Lise Beaucour, Albert N. Noumowe, Philippe Gotteland and Fabrice Mathieu
3943 Effect of Cyclic Loading on the Behaviour of a Chemically Stabilised Soft Soil Reinforced with Polypropylene Fibres J. Villarroel-Ortega, A. A. S. Correia, L. J. L. Lemos, N. Santos and P. J. Venda Oliveira
3944 Effect of Mixing Sufficiency in Shallow Soil Stabilization on Mechanical Property of Soil Treated by Cement Yukika Miyashita, Takeshi Ishiguro, Masashi Hirata and Hidefumi Izuo
3945 Experimental Investigation of Tensile Strength of Cement-Treated Champlain Sea Clay Kun Yang, Jinyuan Liu and Naresh Gurpersaud
3946 Feedback on Deep Mixing Technique for Loire levees Alain Le Kouby, Lucile Saussaye, Myriam Duc, Fabien Szymkiewicz and Sébastien Patouillard
3947 Impact of Salt Contents on Unit Weight, Shear and Compressive Strength of DMM in Salinity Soft Soils Foundation in Viet Nam Hao N. Tran
3948 Improving the Characteristic Strength of DSM in Clayey Soil with Chemical Additives Giuseppe Modoni, Giovanni Spagnoli, Erminio Salvatore and Michela Arciero
3949 Influence of Organic Matter on the Strength Properties of Artificially Stabilized Sands Patrick Arnold, Ralf Glasenapp, Fabian Kirsch, Frank Rackwitz and Hannes Benke
3950 International Collaborative Study on the Effect of Cement and Soil Types on Stabilized Soil Strength Masaki Kitazume, Hidenori Takahashi, Per Lindh, Martin Holmén, Yvonne Rogbeck, António Alberto S. Correia, Paulo J. Venda Oliveira, Jorge A. Villarroel Ortega and Ignazio Paolo Marzano
3951 Long-Term Strength Property of Soil Block Produced by Cement Mixing and Mechanical Dehydration Kazutaka Ueno, Kiyonobu Kasama, Yasuyuki Nakagawa, Takashi Negi, Masaharu Minami, Kouki Zen, Yasuo Kazugai and Masaaki Katagiri
3952 Microstructures of Cement-Treated Champlain Sea Clay Moulay Youssef Monsif, Jinyuan Liu and Naresh Gurpersaud
3953 Physical and Mechanical Characterization of Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) Materials: Laboratory vs Construction Site Jacques J. M. M. Hessouh, Javad Eslami, Anne-Lise Beaucour, Albert N. Noumowe, Philippe Gotteland and Fabrice Mathieu
3954 Stabilization of Marine Soil with Alkali-Activated Slag for Deep-Mixing Columns C. Pinheiro, S. Rios, A. Fernández-Jiménez, N. Cristelo and A. Viana da Fonseca
3955 Stiffness of Soil-Cement Mix Based on Different In Situ and Laboratory Tests Piotr Kanty and Norbert Kurek
3956 The Effect of Different Curing Regime Regarding Temperature and Stress Level Per Lindh
3957 The Effect of Geostatic Stresses on the Strength Development of Deep Geopolymer-Treated Columns Mohammadjavad Yaghoubi, Arul Arulrajah and Suksun Horpibulsuk
3958 Thoughts on the Mix Design for Soil Mix Walls used as Permanent Retaining Structures Nicolas Denies, Noël Huybrechts, Jean-Cédric Kouamé, Grégory Laurent, Tim Eggermont and Maurice Bottiau
3959 Transformation Uncertainty in Estimating Material Properties of Cement-Treated Soil from Unconfined Compressive Strength Tsutomu Namikawa and Tomoki Kobayashi
3960 Trial Tests to Promote Degradation of Cement Treated Soil by Percolation Technique H. Takahashi, Y. Morikawa and T. Uemura
3961 Best DMM Practices and Lessons Learned: U.S. Report Donald Bruce, Peter R. Cali and David S. Yang
3962 Design and Execution of Soil Mix Walls for Retaining Structures Nicolas Denies and Noël Huybrechts
3963 Environmental Soil Mixing: Latest Research and Applications Abir Al-Tabbaa and Chris Evans
3964 Importance of Water/Cement Ratio Concept in Quality Control and Assurance of Deep Mixed Soil Masaki Kitazume, Masaaki Terashi and Sachihiko Tokunaga
3965 Liquefaction Mitigation with Deep Mixing Ross W. Boulanger and Lisheng Shao
3966 The Integral Role of the Contractor in Achieving the Design Properties of Soil Mixed Material (SOILCRETE) Dennis W. Boehm
3967 The Nordic Dry Deep Mixing Method: Best Practices and Lessons Learned Stefan Larsson