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DFI Now Hosting GroutLine, Online Library of Papers About Grouting

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Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) announces that it is now hosting GroutLine, an online library of papers on grouting approaches, procedures and guidelines.

GroutLine has been publishing papers and articles related to grouting since 2005,” says Theresa Engler, DFI executive director. “Papers have been authored by industry experts and edited by Paolo Gazzarrini, P.Eng., of Sea to Sky Geotech, who remains the executive editor. If you are involved or interested in grouting, this is a valuable resource.”

To access more than 60 articles in GroutLine’s library at no cost, sign up and create a DFI profile at www.groutline.com. Current subscribers still have free access to all existing and future articles.

DFI welcomes and encourages submission of technical articles on the design and construction of grouting and grouting applications for consideration of publication in GroutLine. Topics of interest include jet grouting, compaction grouting, permeation grouting, compensation grouting, rock fissure grouting, karst, deep soil mixing, cutoff methods, soil stabilization, instrumentation, project information management, measurement while drilling, sustainability, equipment and methods, grout materials, geophysical methods, monitoring, and verification. Additionally, case histories on the application of grouting for dams, levees, mines, tunnels, seismic retrofit and remediation, ground treatment, infrastructure, deep foundations, anchors, and micropiles.

Sign up to view or submit articles at www.groutline.com.

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