Women in Deep Foundations

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The Women in Deep Foundations (WiDF) Committee was established in 2014, comprising both Women and Men representing all industry stakeholders to support women working in any capacity in the foundation industry.  Since issues that affect women in the industry affect other minority or underrepresented participants, the committee welcomes and enjoys a diverse membership. The essential involvement of male committee members fosters understanding and awareness and sharing of experiences to effect real and broad industry change.  DFI memberships for students are free and students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all DFI and WiDF programs.

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Committee Chair

Lucky Nagarajan


Lucky Nagarajan is a Senior Business Development Manager at Geocomp. She has over 18 years of business development, engineering, construction and management experience in the United States, Canada, South America and India. In her current role, Nagarajan is working with management and collaborating with her peers in developing national market strategies, pursuing wide range of complex projects, building relationships with key industry targets, developing goals, mentoring younger staff and more. She strongly believes that it is very important for every engineer to give back to the community to help advance the industry and support fellow engineers.

Lucky is a member of the DFI Board of Trustees and chair of the Women in Deep Foundations (WiDF) Committee. She serves as co-chair of the DFI of India Support Committee and is actively involved in DFI of India Regional Chapter’s initiatives and launched WiDF India group. She is also co-founder of Metro NYC and Mexico WiDF Groups. Nagarajan is a recipient of a DFI 2020 President’s Award and host of DFI’s Broadcasting Common Ground Podcast. In addition, she serves on the ASCE board-level committee, Innovative Technologies & Tools in Geotechnical Engineering.

Purpose Statement

To enhance professional development opportunities for women in the deep foundations industry.

The WiDF program creates networking, mentoring, and professional development programs that support career readiness and growth and raises awareness of career opportunities in geotechnical engineering and deep foundations design and construction.

Committee Initiatives

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