International Grouting

Convening a forum for sharing grouting approaches, procedures, and guidelines in the global grouting community.

Committee Chairs

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Raffaella Granata

Trevi S.P.A.

Granata holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Milan, Italy, with a specialization in geotechnique and hydrogeology.  Granata has over 30 years of experience and is the Technical Advisor in Design, Research and Development.  She been involved with construction-design and technical supervision in a number of projects including tunnels, dams and levees, and confinement of polluted areas.  She was involved in the preparation and revision of European standards for execution of special geotechnical works. She has authored and co-authored more than 50 technical papers.

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Kathleen Bensko

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Bensko is the Senior Geologist of the Division of Dam Safety and Inspections, Office of Energy Projects at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, DC.  In her nearly 7 years with FERC and 30 years with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, she has developed a strong construction background through work on numerous high-profile dam and grouting projects.  She was the Project Delivery Team Lead for the revision of the USACE Grouting Technology Engineering Manual published in 2017.  She is a member of ASCE and ASDSO.  She holds a BS degree from the University of Pittsburgh and is a Professional Geologist registered in the state of Pennsylvania.

Committee Initiatives

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