Soil Mixing

This committee of designers, contractors, researchers, equipment suppliers and owners are involved in the support, use, and understanding and application of soil mixing technology through education, practical guidance, and discussion.

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Committee Chair

David Miller, P.E.
Forgen, LLC

David Miller is the Executive Director, Geotechnical Operations for Forgen with 36 years specializing in ground improvement techniques, especially Deep Soil Mixing. He has completed projects in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand involving jet grouting; deep and shallow soil mixing; He worked on the first multi auger project in the US at the Jackson Lake Dam. One of the first large diameter (12 foot) soil mixing applications. He handled fast track soil mixing on levee systems for emergency repairs from hurricane Katrina: Multiple cutoff walls up to 135-foot deep using DSM on levees. DSM for seal slab and stabilization for a railroad grade separation. Treatment for the stabilization of Dams for liquefaction prevention; Wharf repair following the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand; Excavation support and groundwater cutoff for major high-rise construction in San Francisco. Project Director for 3 Task Orders for the USACE totaling16 miles of soil mixed cutoff wall. He actively participated in finalizing the DFI’s Guide Specifications on soil mixing. He has his engineering degree from the University of Texas; and a Registered Professional Engineer – Texas. He has published papers on the use, specification and quality of soil mixing along with case studies.

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