DFI Communities

Communities are the backbone of DFI providing the practical forum for finding common ground in the deep foundations industry. Technical Committees, Regional Chapters, Task Forces, Working Groups, User Groups and Industry Alliances provide opportunities for all members to identify and address issues that impact deep foundations practice. 

Join a community to collaborate with global industry practitioners; stay updated on design, construction, and market trends; build your professional network of colleagues and supplier resources; and contribute to providing high value deep foundation solutions for society.

Technical Committees

DFI’s technical committees are varied in their approach to finding common ground. Many technical committees explore and address the special considerations for design and execution of efficient, reliable, and safe solutions for foundation applications. Some deliberate on the design, construction, or research needs of deep foundations technologies in order to advance their understanding and use. Others address topics related to the practice and standards for fabricating deep foundations, including codes, contracts, data management, sustainability and practitioner support. All of DFI’s technical committees, however, contribute to the common vision for advancement in deep foundations.

Technical Activities

Check out the 2023 highlights of activities and accomplishments from DFI technical committees, working groups, regional chapters and alliance organizations.

Community Funds and Grants

To encourage marginalized voices and push the boundaries of our industry forward, DFI provides community resources to fund projects and provide grants.

Committee Project Fund

The Committee Project Fund provides board-designated funds annually toward DFI Committee Projects. Qualified projects promote research that will advance the state of practice and understanding of deep foundations, as well as produce a usable deliverable.

WiDF Professional Development Grants

The Women in Deep Foundations (WiDF) Professional Development Grants are provided to women involved in the design and construction of deep foundations. The WiDF grants assist in increasing networking opportunities and improving retention of female professionals in the deep foundations industry.

Other DFI Communities

In addition to our technical committees, DFI actively supports several international chapters and alliances to find common ground in the deep foundations industry.

Regional chapters in Europe, the Middle East and India help the Deep Foundations Institute contribute towards improving local practices that promote safe, durable, high quality foundation solutions. DFI’s Student Chapters provide opportunities for students to actively explore and participate in deep foundations industry activities and events.

DFI also routinely collaborates with a wide variety of geo-associations, conference organizers and working groups. These industry alliances leverage resources, address technical issues, and contribute a variety of viewpoints on current industry issues and practices.

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