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Foundation Reuse

To reduce impediments to foundation reuse through outreach, promotion of technical advancements, and development of guidance documents and specifications..

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Committee Chair

Andrew Boeckmann, Ph.D., P.E.

Dan Brown and Associates PC

Andy Boeckmann, Ph.D., P.E., is a senior engineer with Dan Brown and Associates (DBA). He primarily works on geotechnical design for large bridge projects, but he also performs a variety of specialty services including foundation reuse, integrity test evaluation, instrumentation and monitoring, tremie concrete, mass concrete, and geotechnical research. Prior to joining DBA, Boeckmann spent eight years as a research engineer at the University of Missouri, where he wrote NCHRP Synthesis 505 Current Practices and Guidelines for the Reuse of Bridge Foundations (2017) and performed a large field research study for Missouri DOT on the reuse of foundations. Prior to working at the university, he was a geotechnical engineer for URS in St. Louis, where he worked on design teams for several large projects, including deep soil mixing for post-Katrina levee reconstruction in New Orleans. Boeckmann is the chair of DFI’s Foundation Reuse Committee, a member of the EFFC/DFI Tremie Concrete Task Group, and a registered professional engineer.

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