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DFI of India (DFII) is a non-profit organization and is a chapter of Deep Foundations Institute (DFI), a US-based international non-profit organization established with the goal of advancing the deep foundation construction industry. DFI is an international association of contractors, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. Our multidisciplinary membership creates a consensus voice and a common vision for continual improvement in the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and excavations.

Who is DFI of India?

India has set its sights on becoming a $5 trillion economy by year 2024. As a first step in this direction, the Government of India appointed a task force that firmed up plans for investing INR 111 lakh crores in infrastructure projects over next five year period. This development augurs well for future prospects of the Indian construction industry.

There is a phenomenal scope for advancing foundation construction practices in India to reach the global best level on technology and skill development fronts, by deploying modern equipment and good work practices. These advancements will mitigate severe time/cost overruns in the implementation of major infrastructure projects on account of recurring geotechnical and foundation issues in Indian scenario. Improvements will add huge financial savings to the government, owners, contractors and others on major infrastructure projects.

Conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars are conducted regularly, and highlighting best practices and expertise from around the world. Interesting case studies and panel discussions are presented to raise technical awareness and propel the state-of-practice in foundation design, construction, testing, contracting methods, and risk sharing in the India foundation industry.

DFI of India's Mission

DFII’s mission is to support the Indian foundation industry on a continuous and sustained basis in measured and measurable steps, to become very professional and to embrace new technologies for faster development of India. The chapter looks to provide a platform for continuous interaction to stakeholders of the Indian foundation industry including those international agencies who have an India focus.

Learn More about DFI of India

Interested in learning more about DFI of India? Download the informative DFI India Overview brochure.

Meet the DFI of India Team

DFI of India is led by a team of directors and an executive committee who are all supported by a dedicated staff of professionals.

DFI of India Events

Every year, DFI of India engages the deep foundations community by hosting conferences, webinars, and more!

Looking to network within India’s deep foundations industry? Interested in attending educational lectures on deep foundations and construction? Check out the upcoming events page and filter by DFI of India!

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DFI India Regional Report

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DFI of India (DFII) conducted its prestigious 12th Annual Conference October 5–7, 2023. At the same time, it executed important activities in the past six months and planned exciting programs for the coming months.

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Take an active role in the committees that pave the way forward for this industry.



Deep Foundations Institute of India (DFII) has formed alliances with major organisations in India and with DFI expert members in specific domain areas to enhance good work practices and implement skill development programs specific to geotechnical engineering and foundation/underground structure construction.

Groundwork – Students

DFI of India has laid the groundwork for multiple programs that uplift students pursuing a career in deep foundations.

Support Committee Working Group

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The Support Committee Working Group is comprised of DFI members with a special interest in providing support and guidance to the DFII regional chapter. The members assist DFII leadership and staff with worldwide resources including presentations and articles as well as oversight over project initiatives such as CFA Pile implementation and alliances with various Indian public agencies.

The working group is led by cochairs Satyajit Vaidya, P.E. and Lucky Nagarajan.

DFI of India Awards

DFI of India confers several awards to highlight the successes of those in our industry, including the Lifetime Contribution Award, the Student Award, and the Best Paper Award.

Contribute to DFI of India

Thanks to active supporters of DFII programs, it is able to achieve reasonable progress in its current initiatives being driven by the DFII committees. We are hopeful that all stakeholders of the Indian geotechnical and foundation industry can gain phenomenal value over the long term.

Contact DFI of India

Mr. Pranav Jha, Manager of Operations
No.44/17, Bhaskara, 19, Usha Street
Dr. Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery
Chennai 600042 Tamilnadu

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