Committee Initiatives


Completed Committee Project Fund Awards

ACIP Pile Installation, Installation Monitoring, Full-scale Load Testing, and Extraction Program

Instrumented and monitored full scale compression, tension and lateral load tests on ACIP Piles.


Assessing International building code load test criteria

Independent review and analysis of available pile design information, load testing results, and associated pile construction costs to quantify the level of over-conservatism that results from inappropriate acceptance criteria commonly included in building codes.


Investigation of Development of Lateral Stresses During Installation of Drilled Displacement Piling

Monitoring installation of small scale DD piles to assess radial effect and extent of lateral stresses and displacements.


Low Headroom ACIP Installation

Supplement to DFI ACIP Piles Manual

Ongoing Research

Lateral Stresses During DD Pile Installation

Monitoring installation of small-scale drilled displacement piles to assess radial effect and extent of lateral stresses and displacements.

Evaluation of In Situ ACIP Pile Volume

Conducting thermal integrity profiling on ACIP test piles and analyze to assess in place diameter.

Seismic Performance of Rigid Inclusions

Numerical simulation study of rigid inclusions installed in liquefiable soils to show the effect of various design parameters and demonstrate how coupled use of typical site response and lateral loading analyses that practitioners perform on a daily basis can sufficiently capture the critical aspects of our research findings.

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