Anchored Earth Retention
Committee Initiatives


Completed Committee Project Fund Awards

Developing Guidance and Proposal for Research Projects and Funding Needed for Developing Standards and Specifications for Tiebacks and Soil Nailing in Perú

Development of a website for thesis researchers to serve as contact point for information sharing with DFI and other specialists to define research plan.


Currently under construction…

Developing Guidlines for Factoring Structural Resistance for Landslide Stabilization and Excavation Support

With Landslides and Slope Stabilization: Developing Guidelines for Factoring Structural Resistance for Landslide Stabilization and Excavation Support.


Evaluation of Elongation Criteria and Friction Loss in Ground Anchors

Analysis of anchor load test data to determine potential limitations of 80% anchor unbonded length criterion.


Hollow Bar Task Force

Jointly with ADSC-DFI Micropile Committee to define the state-of-practice for hollow bar elements and seek acceptance for use in highway projects.

Allowable deflection temporary and permanent systems

Summarizing and exploring the significance of the numerous and various movement tolerances for earth retention systems.

Coming soon…

Changes due to Type 1L cement

Researching the impacts of increased limestone in type 1L cement on the bond strength of tendons and the associated properties of the grout such as bleed, fluidity, and compressive strength.

Coming soon…

S3: Slope Slides and Stabilization

One of the lead committees for this conference and software discussion held annually on the effective application of deep foundations, ground improvement, and soil mixing for stabilization of slopes and excavation support.

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