Electrical Power Systems Foundations
Committee Initiatives


Suggested Best Practices for Deep Foundation used to Support Electric System Transmission Lines – White Paper

A ten-chapter white paper in the final draft stage that gives a comprehensive summary of the types of foundations used in the electric power industry, their design methods, best practice investigation and construction approaches, and a summary of industry shortcomings to aid in outlining future research needs.

In Situ Long-Term Foundation Testing

A new committee initiative to establish load and performance monitoring in working transmission line structure foundations. The goal is to perform long-term monitoring of loads and reactions within foundations too large to test by expensive full-scale methods.

ASCE Manual of Practice for the Design of Overhead Line and Substation Foundations

ASCE, under SEI’s Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures Committee, formed a new subcommittee in December 2019 to address issues similar to the DFI white paper and develop a manual of practice. Five members from the DFI Electric Power System Foundations Committee are on this ASCE subcommittee, helping to guide this important industry document.

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