International Grouting
Committee Initiatives


Completed Committee Project Fund Awards

Diggs Scheme For Rock Grouting Data Transfer

DIGGS is an emerging data transfer protocol that uses XML and GML language format to facilitate exchange of data within the geo-profession. Developing a schema for rock grouting.


Summary of International Grouting Specifications

DFI International Grouting Committee Summary of Main Standards and Guidelines on Grouting Available in North America and Europe – this document summarizes the different approaches, methods and tools used internationally and outlines standard practice requirements for qualifications, materials, equipment, testing, and production procedures.

Support of GROUT2022 Legacy Conference

The 6th International Conference on Grouting & Deep Mixing was held on January 15-18, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Committee Meeting Presentations

Inviting members to present brief overviews of successful and challenging projects at committee meetings.

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