Committee Initiatives


Completed Committee Project Fund Awards

Literature Review and Acquisition of Related Documents for Reticulated Micropile Groups

Literature review and practitioner survey on state of practice for design and construction and research needs for reticulated micropile network info.


Hollow Bar Task Force

Jointly with ADSC-DFI Micropile Committee to define the state-of-practice for hollow bar elements and seek acceptance for use in highway projects.

Coming soon…

Flow rate on bond stresses

Jointly with ADSC-DFI Anchored Earth Retention Committee – field test study aimed at understanding the effect of flow rate on bond dress in hollow bar elements.

Coming soon…

Specific Gravity and Unconfined Compressive Strength Study

Study correlating measured specific gravity of freshly mixed micropile grout to the tested compressive strength of cured grout samples.

Coming soon…

Guide to Drafting a Micropile Specification

Update to DFI guide including hollow bar considerations and other advancements.

Coming soon…

FHWA Bridging Document

Compilation of advancements to be proposed to FHWA for inclusion in the next version of FHWA’s Micropile Design and Construction manual.

Coming soon…

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