Structural Slurry Wall and Seepage Control
Committee Initiatives


Completed Committee Project Fund Awards

Diaphragm walls as permanent basement walls in regions of high seismicity

To develop consensus guidelines for design and detailing of reinforced concrete diaphragm walls used as permanent basement walls in regions of high seismicity.


Development of a Design Guideline for Bridge Pile Foundations Subjected to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading

Develop revised procedures for design of inelastic behavior of bridge pile foundations under combined liquefaction-induced lateral spreading and superstructure inertia.


Design Recommendations for Rock-socketed Pile Shafts When Performing Check on Minimum Required Length for Lateral Stability

Design recommendations for rock-socketed pile shafts for lateral loads when performing the check on “minimum required length for lateral stability”.

$19,577 - Laterally Loaded Pile Database

Literature review and development of online database of previous large scale pile experiments (Phase 1 – 2013/14); and experimental pile testing program (Phase 2 – 2014/15).


Guidelines for Selecting Cutoff Wall Systems

Outlines fundamental background information on the selection of cutoff walls/seepage barriers.

Cutoff Walls PowerPoint

Committee-generated base PowerPoint module introduction to cutoff walls for seepage control, including applications and construction.

Coming soon…

Structural Walls Manual Update

Task force updating Industry Practice Standards and DFI Practice Guidelines for Structural Slurry Walls (2005) to include recent advancements.

In Progress…

Committee Research

Diaphragm Walls as Permanent Basement Walls in Regions of High Seismicity – outlines the requirements for extension of this practice to more common use in regions of high seismicity.

Review of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Manual on Seepage Cutoffs for Dams and Levees

Committee conducted detailed review of the evolving text of this manual covering design and construction of seepage cutoffs.

Rough River Dam Safety Modification Phase II: New Outlet Works and Cutoff Wall Project

Presentation from June 23, 2020 by Will Ailstock, P.E., P.M.P., John Baird, P.G., Pete Booth, Ph.D., P.E., Steven Shifflett, P.E.

ICOLD – Bulletin 51 Update

DFI following International Commission on Large Dams’ (ICOLD) update of ICOLD (1985) Bulletin 51 on filling materials for watertight cutoff walls.

Structural Slurry (Diaphragm) Walls Presentation

Committee generated base PowerPoint module introduction to structural slurry walls, including applications and construction.

Outlines basic design and construction for structural slurry walls, including an overview of types of slurry walls, design and construction considerations, detailing, quality assurance and control, and advantages and limitations.

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