Soil Mixing​
Committee Initiatives


Completed Committee Project Fund Awards

Proposed Research on the Effect of Curing Stresses on the Mechanical Properties of Soil-cement Mixed Materials

Data mining, field data collection and statistical analysis to derive empirical correlation for strength and permeability with soil confining stress.


Influences of Mixture Proportions and Test Conditions on the Strength and Stiffness of Wet-Mixed Soil and Cement

Laboratory study of strength and deformation properties of soil-cement mixtures and appropriate laboratory procedures.


Deep Mixing 2021

Keynote Speakers on Deep Mixing

  • Ross Boulanger (UC Davis)
  • Rob Jameson (Malcolm Drilling)

Proceedings from Deep Mixing

Beneficial Reuse of Spoils Task Force

Discussing practices and special provisions that encourage the appropriate use of deep mixed spoils on site.

In Progress…

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