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EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator

The EFFC and DFI have created a tool that will calculate the CO2 emissions of foundation and geotechnical works. It is designed to allow contractors and commissioning organisations alike to assess the carbon footprint of their projects.


Preconference Digitalisation Workshop | DFI-EFFC Conference on Deep Foundations & Ground Improvement

This workshop on Digitalisation and Project Information Management (PIM) in Geotechnical Construction featured a mixture of interactive synchronous presentations, panel discussions, Q&A with presenters and audience, and networking opportunities over an instructive afternoon dedicated to the state of practice and advancements in digitalization for subsurface constructions.

Our experienced lecturers and active researchers discussed topics such as digital leadership in geotechnical engineering, digital strategies and data implementation in construction processes, digital software and innovative tools for data management and digital procurement, among others, and shared from their experience and track record by providing a national perspectives, recent advancements, and leading case studies from all around Europe.

EFFC Webinar: Driving and Supporting Sustainable Change in Geotechnical Companies

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic. But why should we, as geotechnical companies and employees, care about sustainability? And even if we do care, how do we begin to improve our sustainability performance? What support is out there to help geotechnical companies on this transition?

Sustainability Webinars

Watch recordings of previous webinars organized by the Sustainability Committee on sustainability topics.

EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator

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Get the Tool

EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator – tool that will calculate the CO2 emissions of foundation and geotechnical works. It is designed to allow contractors and commissioning organizations alike to assess the carbon footprint of their projects.

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Publicize Sustainability Efforts of DFI Corporate Members

Raise awareness and encourage adoption of sustainability tools and processes applied by DFI corporate members.

Publicize Sustainability Resources Internationally

Links to rating tools and sustainability guidance commonly used in infrastructure and building development.

Foundations for a Sustainable Future​

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When it comes to justifying design optimization, sustainability is still, for many, not a good enough reason to go through that process. Financial benefits, on the other hand, are seldom ignored, and thus when cost savings can be demonstrated the alternative design is almost certainly going to be accepted. But what is often ignored is that such an optimized design may very well be, and in most cases is, more…

Foundation Reuse Task Force

DFI’s Foundation Reuse Task Force is working to promote reuse by leveraging experience among DFI members and collaborating with related organizations. The task force is active in preparing workshops and panel sessions for industry conferences, developing concise case histories of foundation reuse success stories, supporting research, and participating in development of guidance documents and specifications.

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Foundation Reuse Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Foundation Reuse Case Histories

Advance the Understanding and Use of Deep Foundations as Geothermal Heat Transfer Elements

DFI’s former Energy Foundations committee is now operating under the Sustainability committee and is continuing these ongoing initiatives:

DFI Journal 2014 Special Issue Vol. 8, No. 2

International Workshop on Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems for Near-Surface Geothermal Energy.

Learning Tools

Presentations on the background, resources, applications, construction workflow and management considerations required to design and construct effective energy foundations and results from relevant research.

Coming soon…

Corporate Resources for Implementing Sustainable Practices

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